Thai Disabled Development Foundation หน้า 1

In my opinion, to be born with a full body without any defect is the source of fortune. However, this fortune cannot fulfill one's life unless he or she has offered helping hands to those who are disadvantage. As the result of doing so, we can be proud of our valuable life as a source of hope for them. What else in return is happiness to have meaningful life.

(Ms. Kanjana Silpa-archa)
President of Thai Disabled Development Foundation


The Thai Disabled Development Foundation was established in December 14, 1999. Regarding to the time when Thailand was a host of the 7th FESPIC Game during 10 - 16 January 1999, Mr. Banharn Silpa-archa was invited to be the Chairman of the Organizing Committee. Because of the financial constraint for organizing such a great event, he raised public awareness and drawn spirit from Thai citizens with a TV charity program. This program encouraged Thai people to participate in developing the ability of Thai disabled persons to be excellent in athletics. This will provide a chance for their potential development, medication, education, occupation, social, and living effectively and proudly in the society. After the successful game, he determined to pursue empowering persons with disabilities toward sustainable development by establishing this Foundation.


  • To support and promote an equal opportunity and full participation for disabled persons in society.
  • To support sustainable development of disabled persons by means of medical, educational and social rehabilitation, including sports, recreation and cultural activities.
  • To promote information service and other academic works relating to development of disabled persons.
  • To operate for public charity or co-operate with other charity organizations for public charity.


  1. Mr. Chusak Janthayanond, Advisor
  2. Mr. Samrerng Virachanang, Advisor
  3. Ms. Kanjana Silpa-archa, President
  4. Ms. Kanitta Dhevinpukdi, Vice - President
  5. Director - General Department of Social Development and welfare, Committee
  6. Director - General Department of Medical Services, Committee
  7. Director - General Department of General Education, Committee
  8. Director - General Office of Sports Recreation Development, Committee
  9. Mr. Nikorn Chamnong, Committee
  10. Mr. Weerasak Kowsurat, Committee
  11. Mr. Suppachep Didthad, Committee
  12. Mr. Suporntum Mongkolsawadi, Committee
  13. Mr. Teerawat Sripathomsawad, Committee and Treasurer
  14. Mr. Narong Patibatsarakich, Committee and Secretary-General
  15. Mr. Amnuay Klinyoo, Committee and Assistant Secretary-General

Services for Disabled Persons

  • Counseling for disabled persons and others involving with disabled persons by in-office services: phone call, mail, and out-office services: home-visit etc. and others when appropriate.
  • Welfare for disabled persons by servicing and helping in case of emergency, urgently, serious problems and helping with individual disabled persons etc.
  • Support activities dealing with disabled persons by giving service for conference, support, and joint activities with disabled persons at national and international level including supportive of the operation of network of the disabled persons etc.
  • Academic services by organizing seminar project / conference in order to solve problems for disabled persons in all dimensions and servicing of data and information about disabled persons etc.
  • Promoting for occupational training for disabled persons and marketing for their products.
  • Disseminating information about disabled persons by setting web - site and newsletter etc.
  • Supporting disabled athletes to take a race in international match, for example FESPIC Game and Paralympic Game etc.


  • Supporting sport camp for national disabled athletes for the recent Paralympic Games in 2000 in Sydney, Australia.
  • Promoting and enhancing opportunity for sport participation of persons with disabilities at local, national and international level.
  • Collaborating with other organizations concerning disability to celebrate the International Day of Disabled Persons.
  • Counseling for disabled persons and/or their families.
  • Coordinating for and disseminating of information concerning disability among disabled persons.
  • Participating to and providing speech for various seminars and concerning disability.